Save Life and Save the future.

Start caring and start saving.


As an integral part of our foundation, we provide scholarships and educational assistance to our youth. The criteria will be given according to the by laws as guidelines for the beneficiaries. We also donate library kits that consist of storybooks, reference materials, flashcards, and other textbooks in order to aid teachers so that they may always enrich and develop the students in their journey to learning. With the help of our stakeholders and other partners, we also provide basic lectures and seminars that will in the development of students’ skills. We hold seminars and training for basic computer knowledge, personality development, and language and writing proficiency as part of the enrichment program that may spark the interests of children as it also imparts the sense of excitement in education and learning.

Health & Child Care

JaGam Ltd. addresses the issue of inadequate health care services that are being given to the community. In JaGaM Ltd., we provide the basic needs like deep well for some areas which do not have an access to a clean water system. The feeding program is also held to meet the proper weight of children. We also donate basic medical equipment, as we also sponsor medical, dental and optical missions to the poorest communities that are being left behind in attaining basic social services. We are making health services available to them through these charitable and voluntary efforts.

Family Counseling

The foundation is really looking forward to seeing a classroom full of children rather than seeing the streets plenty of children roaming around. JaGaM Ltd. believes that the immediate family shall be oriented and be informed about the importance of health and childcare. It is not just right that we provide them their needs, it is much important that they learn them and apply it in their everyday lives. These pieces of training and seminars on financial management, parental services, and family values formation are given as part of promoting responsible parenthood and good community relations.

Environmental Activities

JaGaM Ltd. wants to be involved in community activities by participating in various environmental actions as part of the huge responsibility to protect Mother Earth. We need to proactively address the call of environmental concern that’s why we lined up activities such as clean-up drives for rivers, bay walks, and wetlands to maintain quality water. We also commit ourselves in annual tree planting to fight deforestation. The foundation also raises awareness by spearheading information drive around certain areas, educating them about proper waste management, and garbage disposal.

Livelihood Seminars

There is a proverb that says “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”. This is one of the ultimate programs of JaGaM Ltd. that highlights empowering families to be self-sufficient and to progress in life without a major support from anyone. JaGaM Ltd. believes that by teaching them about livelihoods, they will soon sustain their daily basic necessities. We are letting them enrich themselves on their own and not only helping their families to survive the life they have.

Fundraising Activities

JaGaM Ltd. holds fundraising activities in support of its different programs in partnership with different sectors of the community. Individuals and private corporations are taking their part to make a change in someone’s life, as well as to change the entire community. Together, we are creating a better future of the world through empowering education, sustaining livelihood programs, and addressing healthcare issues, supporting environmental activities.