We believe in nurturing the youth.

Their dreams. Our destiny.

JaGam Ltd.’s mission is to simply make a better world for everyone to live in‒ a place where opportunities for change and growth are available, wherein people show sympathy and care to everyone and a better world which makes dreams come true through generous hearts. We are here to help in reaching their dreams that will not only change the lives of the people whom we help but also we make sure that they will soon pay it forward to shape more communities in need.

Our Mission

Impart our social responsibility programs that were purposely outlined in order to educate the individuals and also the communities we tend to support; enabling them to attain skills and information that may help them grow and have the chance to reach their dreams and their capabilities to achieve academic excellence, higher living standards and livelihood opportunities to aid their daily needs.

Our Vision

Set the bar of distinction in serving others via the promotion of academic Excellence and Livelihood Training that may empower and uplift the lives of people; building their knowledge about the importance of health and child care, and environmental awareness crusades.

Our Logo

Taking part a bigger responsibility, JAGAM LTD. do not alone limit itself to the education thrust but wishes to succeed further and enhance a meaningful contribution to the wholeness of the community. Consideration is also given for the well-being of the individual, empowering not only his/her immediate family through skills development and family counseling but also providing a cleaner, safer and healthier environment for the family and for the whole community.


Our Core Values

Here in JaGaM, we are driven by several principles which we constantly practice to serve our people.

We believe that education is the key to a brighter future. Everyone has the equal right to a quality education which will surely develop the potentials, the character, and the independence of one’s self.
We look forward to helping the less fortunate people with different financial needs, especially those who belong to the marginalize level of the economic status.
We believe in creating harmonious partnerships with all the sectors of the community, whether it be with private corporations or with the public government. These partnerships are essential for the effective promotion and development of education among children and the livelihood of a family. All these sectors share the same social responsibility to promote a better education through brotherly and material support, proper guidance, respect, and unwavering encouragement for them to move forward.