We believe in nurturing the youth.

Their dreams. Our destiny.

Mr. Ronie Shane

The Founder of Jesus and God and Mary Foundation (JaGaM) is a true visionary at heart. He is a businessman by profession and a philanthropist by character. Ronie Shane is a firm believer of projects that can create changes to the world. Through the years, he never fails to extend a big helping hand to others.

Ronie Shane believes that everyone deserves a better life, and if we are to change the world, we must start to care for the children. He does not only feed the children, but he also encourages them to dream for their own good. With the help of the foundation, hopefully, their dreams will become reality.

He aims to contribute to upholding the welfare of the children, as well as help them to be responsive and productive members of their family and the society.
As Ronie Shane puts it "You change the world, by helping those that can dream big. If they learn to dream, you are giving them the chance to change their entire life".