We believe in nurturing the youth.

Their dreams. Our destiny.

Jesus and God and Mary Foundation Limited (called the JAGAM Ltd.), is a private institution that believes in social responsibility since we are part of a broader community that may contribute in creating societal values.

We aim to contribute in upholding the welfare of the people and develop them to become responsive, productive, and responsible members of the family and the society, by giving opportunity for learning to the marginalized citizen of this country.

We give educational sponsorship to students through involving parents, organization, business establishment, and other charitable institutions to contribute a significant impact in the lives of these deserving students. We find partners to these projects in order to provide financial assistance and other kinds of support as requested to build and help the people for them to lead themselves forward.

We have big dreams for everyone because JaGaM Ltd. nourishes holistic well being of each person. We hope that, through generous hearts, we’ll able to produce a positive life-long impact to each and everyone needing help.


Poverty. Primary and secondary education in some places still have minimal fees to be paid though there’s already a subsidy from the government. Despite this almost free education, it is not enough for a child from a poor family to go to school and study.

Learning does not begin and end with tuition fees. One must also consider other miscellaneous fees and needs like transportation, food and allowance, uniforms, shoes, and school supplies like bag, paper, pencil, crayons, and etc.

“There’s a domino effect that is brought about the lack of education, starting from the grassroot of living in poverty.”


Dreadful Environment. Families who are less privileged cannot afford a decent meal to eat and a decent house to live in. They usually live in slum areas, and have a minimal or poor access to clean water and electricity systems. There are even those who don’t have a chance to access these basic needs.

Poor living condition has several effects. This can lead to poor hygiene, communicable diseases, and may lead to extreme cases like death since the environment where they are in is not safe.

“If the family cannot even eat a decent meal a day, and live in a livable house, how much can we expect that they will be so enthusiastic in enrolling their children to school. Therefore, the children are forced to engage in child labor.”


Child Labor. Child Labor refers to the act of illegal employment of children below 18 years old. Underage children are being forced to manual force labor in order to help their families. In third world countries, children engage themselves in dangerous fields of crop plantation, cave mining, rock quarries, and factories.

Child Labor has many bad effects to children who are supposedly inside school premises instead of workforce environment. In addition, some children rome around the streets, taking every chance of risk and time just to earn money. However, those who were given a chance to study ends up being a drop-out and repeater because they were not able to focus well in their studies.

“Thus, children doing child labor ends up in bad health, suffering from malnourishment, hampered growth, and improper biological development. Because of these problems, not only the individual child is affected but his or her entire family”

Unstable Families. It is inevitable for a family to live a harmonious life caused by being poor, uneducated, and force labor. Problems arise everywhere, which contribute a huge factor in destroying the values needed in building a loving home and harmonious relationship.

These realities and after effects of poverty are what drive JaGaM Ltd. to develop a holistic program and shape individuals of every family in order to uplift the current status which they didn’t choose to live in.